Where did I go wrong?
Not even sure
I did go wrong after all
Cause where would I be now?
If I went the wrong way
Some things just wouldn't be the same
Nobody could ever tell
And though I'm really sorry
Never meant to hurt anybody
No, I would not be with you now
If I had only done
The most righteous things

My skin is soft from your warmth but my lips are getting sore
From kissing, hugging, snuggling, lying down
So it doesn't really matter how all things may could have turned out
When you're with me i could not ask for more

I would do all I can
Not a thing I wouldn't do
To stay with you


from Love Is A Tree With Lions As Leaves, released January 23, 2012
Kevin Thellmann - Vocals, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Finger Drum Pads, Sound Manipulation
Marc Schoemann - Drums
Nicolas Jassmann - Synths



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