And as I close my eyes
I'm entering a state of mind
Kaleidoscope of light
And my dream will come alive
And a voice said: 'I came all the way from the graveyard
You people built your house upon!
I'm here to take your bride!'

Then the ghost grabbed your hand and I stand helpless
In the face of your crying eyes

But I wake up soaked in sweat
With my hand groping for your body
I'm relieved I hear you breathing
Cause you're still there lying by my side

And as you close your eyes
Wincing feet show me the time
You drift to the other side
Into your subconscious mind
And you find me with another girl
Her hands deep in my curls
And she said: 'Now he's mine!'

Then the girl grabbed my hand and you stand helpless
In the face of her smiling eyes

But you wake up soaked in sweat
With your hand groping for my body
You're relieved you feel my knee
Cause I'm still there lying by your side


from Love Is A Tree With Lions As Leaves, released January 23, 2012
Kevin Thellmann - Vocals, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Synths, Sound Manipulation, Claps and Percussion
Marc Schoemann - Drums
Nicolas Jassmann - Synths



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